Concrete Resurfacing Nelson

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Your Professional Concrete Resurfacing Professionals

  • Concrete Driveways
  • Patios/Entertainment Areas
  • Pathways
  • Schools
  • Roadways
  • Airports/Commercial Areas
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Bicycle/Bus Lanes
the concrete company nelson smoothing out a fresh pour

For all your concrete requirements in Nelson, Nelson Concrete Contractors is your reliable solution. While concrete is renowned for its durability, it can accumulate dirt, sustain damage, and lose its colour without regular maintenance. We are equipped to refurbish your concrete patios, driveways, or flooring to give them a fresh appearance.

At Nelson Concrete Contractors, we are committed to delivering superior quality concrete, craftsmanship, and customer service. We allocate time to understand your ideas and offer a free consultation. We have the capability to repolish worn-out concrete or introduce texture to accomplish the ambience and style you envision for your space. The concrete is subsequently coloured and stained before the application of a sealant to prevent the colour from fading over time.

In our view, the most effective approach to assist our clients is by providing them with valuable information upfront, underscoring the advantages of partnering with us, and then letting them make an informed decision.

Operating since 1992, our enterprise has been offering pavement and concrete cutting services. We take pride in our ethic of doing things correctly. So, if you require concrete services in your locale, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


nelson concrete resurfacing before and after concrete company

Advantages of Concrete Refurbishment and Repair in Nelson


Concrete flooring is designed to last an extended period. To ensure the longevity of stains, sealants, and polishes on your newly refurbished concrete, we provide you with guidance on its maintenance. Our expertise in polishing, staining, and sealing brings out the natural allure of concrete.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Looking to give your floors a fresh appearance? Our team uses diamond pads to grind down and strip off the top layer of your aged concrete patio or floor, polishing it to your preferred level of shine. Next, our experts can introduce stains or patterns to your concrete for a truly unique look.


Revamping your existing concrete flooring is an environmentally friendly choice. Instead of adding to the landfill with discarded material from a new installation, we work to restore and enhance the current concrete surface. Additionally, polished concrete floors can contribute to your home’s energy efficiency by reflecting light and reducing the need for additional heating or lighting.


We apply coatings and densifiers to give the concrete a glossy finish while preventing stains from seeping into it. These features make concrete an excellent choice for garages, kitchens, and commercial or industrial settings, as they help guard against scratching and fluid absorption.

Simple Maintenance

Your newly refinished floors are easy to keep clean. We’ll walk you through a few simple steps on how to maintain their pristine appearance.

Stained concrete is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. We use coatings and solutions that permanently incorporate your new stains, extending the lifespan of your new floors, driveways, or patios. Refinishing is a quick and cost-effective alternative to replacement.

Why Choose Concrete Contractors Nelson?

Our commitment at Concrete Contractors Nelson is to deliver top-tier concrete services. We bring concrete directly to your doorstep, in addition to providing repair, upkeep, and cleaning services for every concrete application. Leveraging our vast experience, we have a keen understanding of our customers’ needs and wants.

nelson concrete block laying service
concrete driveway nelson exposed aggregate by the concrete company nelson with blocks

Concrete Contractors Nelson has established itself as a key player in concrete resurfacing and repair due to three main factors:

Swift Response

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, our team can usually mobilise resources to a site within days. We utilise the most advanced, efficient equipment in the industry to ensure the job is done right.

Strong Partnerships

We diligently cultivate robust relationships with a broad network of manufacturers in the concrete repair and resurfacing sector. This gives us access to an endless range of products beneficial to each of our clients.

Latest Technology

Our partnerships with concrete repair product manufacturers enable us to consistently use the most recent tools and technology. We’re fully committed to finding the best solution for each unique situation.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to discover why we’re one of the most popular choices for concrete restoration across various areas of Nelson.

We Servce The Below Regions With Concrete Resurfacing

  • Annesbrook
  • Atawha
  • Beachville
  • Bishopdale
  • Britannia Heights
  • The Brook
  • Brooklands
  • Enner Glynn
  • The Grampians
  • Greenmeadows Park
  • Maitai
  • Maitlands
  • Marybank
  • Moana
  • Monaco
  • Nayland
  • Nelson Central
  • Nelson East
  • Nelson South
  • Port Nelson
  • Saxton
  • Stepneyville
  • Stoke
  • Tāhunanui
  • Tasman Heights
  • Toi Toi
  • Wakapuaka
  • Wakatu
  • Washington Valley
  • The Wood
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