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When it comes to concrete patios and courtyards, count on Nelson Concrete Patios, your specialists in concrete solutions.

  • Unique Designs
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  • Versitility
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Homeowners are continually exploring avenues to optimise their outdoor spaces. In this scenario, patios play a critical role by bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor areas and offering homeowners a plethora of design choices for their open-air living spaces.

At Nelson Concrete Contractors, we furnish concrete patios that can be customised with a multitude of unique aesthetic treatments. Given the diverse design choices, our patios can serve a variety of functionalities.

For instance, they could act as a flooring solution for your open-air barbecue area. Concrete patios can also assist in demarcating different sections in your backyard such as lounging spaces, fire pits, and even swimming pool areas.


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Why Choose Nelson Concrete Contractors for Your Patio Needs?

Unique Designs

With years of industry experience, Concrete Contractors Nelson can offer a broad spectrum of customisation possibilities for your concrete patio ideas. You can opt for hues and shades that harmonise with your exterior decor and accentuate the landscape of your backyard.

Additionally, there’s an extensive range of engraving styles, decorative concrete, exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, and patterns available. These finishing accents can make a more significant difference than you might anticipate. Utilising advanced engraving equipment, our concrete patio specialists can render your concrete patio to mimic the appearance of bricks, tiles, or slates.

This offers the best of both realms because it blends the visual appeal of your preferred material with the robustness of concrete. You can even seamlessly connect your patio to a concrete driveway.

Exceptional Durability

Following the installation of a new patio, your primary focus should be on savouring the transformation of your backyard rather than being burdened with patio upkeep. Concrete patios are perfect for this purpose as they can endure even the most severe weather conditions.

Moreover, given the fact that the concrete slab is crafted as a single unit without any gaps, unlike paving stones, it prevents uncontrolled growth of plants that could mar the aesthetics of your patio. Because of this, concrete patios demand minimal maintenance, sparing you from dedicating substantial time to gardening to keep your patio appealing.

Lastly, you won’t face any discolouration issues as you might with hardwood patios. Concrete doesn’t warp over time, thereby eliminating the need for resurfacing and maintaining its form.

Reasonable Pricing

Installing concrete patios doesn’t demand as much labour as brick patios. Consequently, you can leverage the infinite aesthetic and creative potential of concrete without emptying your wallet.

For a vast majority of homeowners, concrete patios represent the most economical choice given their low upfront cost and minimal ongoing maintenance requirements. Despite the lower cost, the quality of styling is never compromised.

Lifestyle Adaptability

At Concrete Contractors Nelson, we customise our patio designs to perfectly fit your specific location to fully utilise your outdoor space. Concrete patios can be used to demarcate outdoor grilling zones, comfortable nooks near a fire pit, and outdoor lounging areas.

We also provide covered verandas, an excellent addition to your newly finished concrete patio, promoting family gatherings and offering shelter from the sun.

Incorporating components made of wood, glass, and aluminium can give your covered patio a fresh appeal. This shows how a concrete patio can be blended with an array of materials to yield excellent results.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

Whether you desire a new patio design crafted from plain concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, or your custom design, we are your ultimate destination for concrete services. Reach out to us today for all your concrete driveway and patio needs!

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concrete patio exposed aggregate by the nelson concrete company

Why Choose Our Nelson Concrete Patio Contractors?

Our goal is to provide the best and most professional concrete driveway services available. We offer repair, maintenance, and cleaning services for all types of concrete patio applications, as well as cement delivery right to your door. Because of our extensive industry experience, we are aware of and understand the needs and desires of our Nelson clients.

The term “contractor” has a bad reputation at times. The majority of people in the construction industry either do not answer their phones or try to pressure you into making a significant financial decision. Our team observed what other contractors were doing and realized that we could do it better: we return calls, arrive on time, and provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

We’ve been in the Nelson concrete patio business for more than 20 years, and we’re committed to giving our customers exceptional service.


For those who need concrete patios installed, Nelson Concrete Contractors provides a service to both residential and commercial clients. Our team is courteous, knowledgeable, and dependable, and we ensure that the driveway installation services we provide will be of the greatest caliber.

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